K-570 Leach and Drain Field Treatment

K-570 Leach and Drain Field Treatment

Introducing Leach & Drain Field Treatment, a product targeting the primary cause for septic system failures, clogged leach and drain fields. Our new K-570 formulation builds on the success of our K-57. With K-570 we have improved performance with the addition of our patented Roetech bacteria. These specialized bacteria are the same bacteria used in our professional formulations, and are used in municipal wastewater treatment facilities throughout the country.

We have formulated this next generation product as a concentrate. This allows for the delivery of more enzyme producing bacteria to the problem area. K-570 can prevent system failure and more rapidly breaks up drain field clogs to restore proper drainage. Concentrating the formulation also make it more convenient for treating the larger septic systems found in today's homes.


Available Sizes:

Quart Concentrate

Treats 1500 Gallons




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